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Thnk Water?

Thnk Water is a site developed and designed just so you can donate money to the unfortunate. My name is Chris Webb, and I have a passion for people who have less. While growing up, my dad took my sister and I nearly every week to: nursing homes, homeless shelters, hospitals and other places for the needy. Finally, after many years of contemplating how I could help in my own way, I decided to create Thnk Water. Thnk Water is a streamlined process, where donating is simple. One page, no hassle, no interruptions…just pure giving.

Thnk Water has teamed up with Charity: Water, a mega, philanthropic, charity phenomenon. Charity: Water prides themselves on being transparent about where the money goes (See how the money is divided). Charity: Water is an organization where 100 percent of all donations go straight to the field. Not a dime is spent on the organization. That's why Thnk Water has teamed up with Charity: Water, so we can "cut to the chase" and start changing lives.

Who Does Thnk Water Help?

Thnk Water helps people, who didn't choose to be born in villages without certain necessities. Thnk Water supports villages in places such as, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Ethiopia and hundreds more where water is non-existent or out of reach. In association with Charity: Water, this campaign will bring safe, clean drinking water to people in developing nations. Click here for a list of places this donation will help.

Projects Supported?

Via Charity: Water, Thnk Water supports projects such as village water projects, clinic water projects, school water projects and sanitation facility projects. Some of the things done in these projects are: drilling, irrigation, wells, filtering, sanitation and more.

Donation Management?

In association with Stripe, a leader in secure credit card management technology, your money is transfered safely into a secure account. On December 25th the campaign will end and the money will then be sent in one large lump sum to Charity: Water on December 31. Follow our Facebook page to see how and where your money is being used.

Campaign Duration?

The campaign starts December 1 and runs through December 25, 2011.


If you have questions, feel free to email us at